January 06, 2004

More interviews with St. Bruce Sterling

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This is from Boing Boing:

Two exciting and thought-provoking Bruce Sterling interviews are online today: an hour-long MP3 of an interview with Massive Change on the University of Toronto's CIUT radio and a long interview on the future of everything with Mike "Godwin's Law" Godwin in the libertarian mag, "Reason."

reason: Blogging seems to have taken a place in the culture that used to be occupied by fanzines, and maybe by the science fiction magazines.

Sterling: It had its apotheosis in people like Cory Doctorow [author of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom] and other writers who really aren?t that interested in the old paper world. Cory actually publishes stuff electronically, and blogging is his Weird Tales. He is of a generation sufficiently divorced from the old pulps that he?s the dolphin among mesosaurs here.

5.9MB MP3 Link,
Reason Link
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