January 05, 2004

Not Drama Related

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Ah, happy mail days are here again. While I was away from work this last week, a number of packages arrived. In addition, one or two came today.

So, I now have my copies of The Hidden God by Martin Starr, Magic Squares and Cubes by W.S. Andrews (very hard to find at a decent price) and a bunch of Bonpo related stuff sent to me by . Lots of stuff to read.

I'm still working my way through Ken Wilber: Thought As Passion by Frank Visser. That is turning out to be quite an interesting read since it lays Wilber's work out over the timeline of his writing career and illustrates how his thought has developed.

In the fiction department, I'm working through Absolution Gap by Alastair Reynolds right now. This finishes up his Inhibitor books. After this, I'll probably read the next Gunslinger book by Stephen King.


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