January 23, 2004

Recent Days

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I haven't written much of detail recently.

Work has been security patch hell with a lot of concurrent work going on to get some deliverables out on time. I've had to do a bunch of test planning and people management stuff and have had many many meetings every day. Busy times.

I did get away for a while to go see a presentation by Microsoft Research, which is the company's privately funded R&D group for eggheads. If you thought my co-workers were geeky, you should check out these guys. The presenter I watched today was almost embarrasing to watch in a Revenge of the Nerds sort of way (complete with nerd laugh). The presentation was Quantum Computing: A Topological Approach and the fellow is a PhD math geek working on this space and publishing papers. The presentation was a precursor to ones being done at the MSR annual "Techfest" in March. The math stuff was a bit hard to follow but I got the gist of most things and it was pretty cool compared to writing a test plan. :-)

Right now, in my reading, I'm wading my way through Gene Wolfe's various "Sun" books. I'm re-reading (for the first time since I was a teen) the original Books of the New Sun. I'll follow this with The Urth of the New Sun, then the four Long Sun books and finally the three Short Sun books. This ought to keep me busy for a little while.

R and I are happily waiting to go to PantheaCon and it looks like we'll be children at the local Gnostic Mass in February. I've never done it before so it is a bit new.


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