January 26, 2004

The Inventor of “Wiki” Works at Microsoft

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I have a small Wiki set up for one of the spiritual groups that I work with and I'm starting to maintain one at my work. They are fairly fun and I enjoy the group collaboration aspect of it as social software. I found this at the Seattle PI at http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/business/158020_msftnotebook26.html for sharing.

Microsoft Notebook: Wiki pioneer planted the seed and watched it grow


To Microsoft's roster of employees, add the inventor of the wiki.

A wiki? Unless you're heavily into the Internet, chances are you're wondering what the heck that is.

  Paul Joseph Brown / P-I
  Ward Cunningham brings his knowledge of patterns as problem solvers to Microsoft's Prescriptive Architecture Guidance group.

The wiki concept was created by Ward Cunningham, who joined Microsoft last month after working as a consultant to the company. Cunningham set out in 1995 to create a unique online site for people involved in technical aspects of a type of software development known as object-oriented programming.

A wiki is a computer program that lets people around the world collaborate to create and update Web pages. The resulting collections of pages are also known as wikis. But there's more to it than that. Anyone who reads a wiki -- yes, anyone -- can also easily make changes, corrections and additions, create whole new pages, and even correct the way the wiki is organized.

"It took a while for this to catch on because it sounded so unusual, but I've now got 25,000 pages about programming up on that site," Cunningham said last week.

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