January 25, 2004

Warren Ellis

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Sometimes I read the stuff that Warren Ellis (http://www.diepunyhumans.com and http://www.livejournal.com/users/mistersleepless) writes and think to myself, "Whoa! This guy must have had some rather whacked out childhood or something. He's got serious issues." On reflection, though, I must assume that Warren had a completely normal childhood and that there is no intrinsic explanation there for his borderline schizophrenia. He's just a whacked out guy for his own reasons. This is along some of the same lines of thought that I had about Clive Barker in the past. Then I read an interview with his parents and, gods, they were about as normal and humdrum as you can get. They obviously loved their son but had no idea why he had such weird things in his head.

In any case, I shouldn't complain about Warren. I like much, if not almost all, of what he writes. What does this say about me?

Last week, I picked up the new graphic novel of the first six issues of "Global Frequency" and, the week before, his collection of columns "Come in Alone" about comics and his weird thoughts. I'm looking forward to the novel (as yet unnamed) that he wrote this last year and other non-comic work of his. I think he has a lot of fun potential as an artist and I think Warren channeling Spider Jerusalem is one of the best things since Hunter S. Thompson got old-fashioned.


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