January 06, 2004

Why I don't join certain e-mail lists...

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This is from a list that someone was promoting. I took it as a sign of the quality there...

From: "Lord Eldar the Dark"
Date: Thu Jul 24, 2003 4:55 pm
Subject: Greetings to all

I am Lord Eldar, The Dark, (all withing this group may simply call me Eldar).

The appellation of "Dark" refers to my current learning phase of studying the more shadowy aspects of magik, that which is more hidden, not necessarily my morals. (NOTE: not a denial, either! hahahahahaha!!!!!! He laughed, evilly!)

I have been "awakened" since early 1986, & have studied many aspects of higher consciousness, including the Quabala, Eckankar, Wicca, Asatru, etc. Although a deeply spiritual person, I am currently focusing more on expanding my personal magikal powers.

I welcome any serious interection as long as the focus is learning & sharing, & hope I will be able to contribute at least as much as I intent to gain from association within this group.

All may feel free to contact me if desired at my personal email, umbramge@y....



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