February 01, 2004

I just finished “The Sword

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I just finished “The Sword of the Lictor” by Gene Wolfe a few minutes ago. The next book in his “Book of the New Sun” is “The Citadel of the Autarch.” Once that is done, I will have finished his initial series. I suppose I'll take one of his later books with me this week.

From Monday morning through Friday afternoon, I will be in North Bend, Washington at a management retreat. I know few details about the content of the retreat but it is one of these intensives to work on management skills through role-play and other activities. Three peers of mine in my group are going with me (I'm bringing the beer). We'll be residing at a lodge for the course of the week and won't be going home at night. The conditions at the lodge are unknown but I wouldn't be surprised if I am unable to get on the net while I am there so if I suddenly go dark, people will know why.

Earlier today, I braved the lolling herds of humanity and ventured forth to Costco. I bought a bunch of meat and other food substances. While there, I picked up a dvd of “The Usual Suspects,” which is one of my favorite films. I've been meaning to get a copy of it for quite some time.

I stopped by Half Price books and also bought a book, “Luminous Emptiness,“ on the Tibetan Book of the Dead and a commentary for it. I picked up a book on hacking tivos as well. Ours has been acting up and I had a problem with it not displaying its internal serial number to me which meant I couldn't get my pay service to work after a while. Tivos are Linux boxes internally and are hackable. The book gives a lot of good howto information and comes with a CD of utilities and a boot system for it. It gives a system for backing up the hard drive in order to upgrade the tivo so I figure it should allow me to back up and reformat my hard disk and maybe the tools to find the serial number. I also need to defrag it because the hard disk was acting up (and I hope it isn't a hardware error). There is also a set of hacks for adding a web server to it to control your tivo from remote and some other toolkits. Neat stuff.

R and I went to see “Kill Bill, Vol. 1“ this evening. We didn't get a chance to see it when it first came out and the cheapo theatre had it so we went off this evening. I must say that I enjoyed it quite a bit. I've heard people call it “indulgant“ and say that Tarantino is out of control but I thought it was actually a good homage for those of us in our 30's now to the films and TV that we were exposed to as kids: Bruce Lee, bad Hong Kong Kung Fu, Charlie's Angels, Blackspoitation and other nods. It works well for me and it was very pretty to watch. The fountains of blood became (perhaps unfortunately) comic after a while. I'm looking forward to the second movie and getting them on DVD as well.


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