February 13, 2004

Leaving Town

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I'm off to PantheaCon in the morning via SeaTac. I've tried figuring out how to tell coworkers what PantheaCon is but gave up and just called it a convention for pagans. Easy enough to do assuming people have been exposed to conventions before. I'm quite looking forward to some of the panels, to seeing old friends that I only usually speak to online, meeting new friends and seeing my mother, who is presenting on Nuit.

On the note about spirituality, I find myself disenchanted more and more over time with the seemingly common views of spirituality, magic and such held by most of my supposed co-religionists: the neopagans, the occultists, the mystics, the magicians, the witches and the like. While there are definitely enlightened (in the common sense) individuals here and there (and I don't necessarily number myself among them), most people seem to engage in alternative sorts of spirituality for the same reason people are into sports, painting or other hobbies. It is something to pass the time, boost the ego, give one a social scene to play in, or otherwise engage in our typical human behavior. There is nothing the matter with this really, as such, since this is pretty much the normal way of things on all levels of society. I see it at work, I see it at Buddhist groups even, it's everywhere and that's the way of things.

I wonder if I have wasted my time (beyond the usual at least) over the last 14 or so years of my involvement with alternative religious or spiritual movements. What do I really know now more than I did a decade ago? Well, I know what I don't know, which should be worth something and that Lack increases over time. Perhaps I'll get to the point of knowing nothing eventually and be nowhere instead of somewhere.

Spirituality has the potential to be so much more than this, whether it is to move beyond the periphial things of the world to what is truly Real or to enflame oneself with prayer or whatever it might be. There is a truth lurking around the corner and it can be sought after and treasured. It is unfortunate that people seem more enamored with being on stage much of the time than in looking behind the curtain.


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