February 07, 2004


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While I'm not going to take the current Myers-Briggs personality type quiz that is going around (I actually looked at it for other reasons this week and think is isn't a good test), as part of my management retreat, the group of us were given the MB test, coached for a day with trained people on what the results were and given a bunch of written materials around it and the management of different personality types (and their issues).

I turn out to be an INTJ. The Introversion and Judging aspects are fairly strongly expressed. The Intuitive and Thinking poles are less expressed (since MB only indicates comfort zones, normal "starting" place, and natural skill orientation/modes). I had thought, based on description, that I was ISTJ but the evidence, especially after examination and a lot of Q&A, seems pretty strong that I am an N, not an S but aspects of my work often force me to use S skills (certain forms of organization) in order to get things done.

Of course, for the people that truly know me in person, they might have a hard time believing that I am an Introvert since I am a rather "talky" person but that's really only my normal form of interaction in very small, select groups or with people I know well. By and large, I find interacting with people draining (extraverts find it energizing) and interacting with groups is something that makes me quite tired and that I really have to want to do. Otherwise, I'm likely to sit to the side and be relatively quiet and observing. Some people think this is arrogance, aloofness or putting on airs but I really don't have a lot to say to people a lot of times unless there is some specific topic or discussion that engages my interest and mind. Being social for its own sake isn't something that I do much and I usually spend my time with friends one on one.


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