February 19, 2004

The Rest of the Week

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Another long day at work. It's not a sprint, it's a marathon (and years long at that!).

After work, I met up with my advisor from the Wiccan Liberation Front. I'll be spending some time impersonating a medieval scribe copying a lot of stuff over the next few months. Of course, no one but me will ever be able to read it because I'm left-handed and my handwriting really really sucks bad. I mean, it's so bad that my grandmother, the retired nurse, can't read it.

This week is way too busy. I had a halfway thought out point on self-liberation and spirituality but, now that it is midnight, I find that my mind is much so fuck it. I'll write it some other time (or not as the case may be). I spent the latter part of the evening playing with the ferret, watching a bit of Seven on television and reading my current novel, Marrow.

Tomorrow night, I'm meeting my friend Sarastro for coffee and chat. Friday night is "Lama Tech Support" night where I get to go fix Kilung Rinpoche's old compaq laptop because it is "acting funny" now. Of course, it runs Windows ME and I have a strong, intuitive sense that I will meet massive resistance from my quasi-English speaking lama is I try to introduce him to the wonder that is WindowsXP three days before he flies to Denmark. I already regret volunteering but I suppose it is good karma. heh.

My daughter, Madeline, has been sick for a week and a half with a number of things. Right now, she's fighting off a massive ear infection so we'll see how she is. If she's well, I'm supposed to have her spend the night this weekend but, given her illness and schedules, this may get delayed.

Saturday, R and I are looking at the Shumway Mansion in Kirkland. This is one of our front-runners for where to get married. We're currently thinking of September-October for the timeframe. We conferred with Sam Webster, our priest for this rite, this weekend at the con and he seems fairly free then. After the mansion, we're attending Losar (Tibetan New Year) on Capitol Hill with Kilung Rinpoche (see above) and the Pema Kilaya gang. Following that, we're going to a party at A&O's house.

Sunday is calmer with R and I only acting as the two children in the local Gnostic Mass and then with me attending my regular meeting of the Citadel of the Ouroboros since all of the members are in the state for the first time since the holidays.

Hmm...maybe work isn't so busy after all.


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