April 01, 2004

I just bought tickets to

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I just bought tickets to go to Santa Cruz on June 25 and stay over for a long weekend.

This is so I can attend:

June 25-26-27, 2004
Dzogchen Meditation according to the Buddhist and Bonpo Traditions of Tibet
Santa Cruz, CA

[Friday night talk, weekend meditation workshop]

In Tibet there exist two authentic traditions for the transmission of Dzogchen, the Nyingmapa and the Bonpo. Both of these traditions focus on discovering within our immediate experience the Nature of Mind which lies beyond time and conditioning by society and culture. The intrinsic awareness, known as Rigpa, which is the Nature of Mind itself, is ever-present in our daily experience in this life and even after death, like the presence of the sun in the sky beyond the clouds. This weekend workshop with a well-known teacher and translator of Dzogchen texts from the Tibetan will explore some of the methods of meditation employed in Dzogchen for the self-discovery of the Nature of Mind.

Contact: Kelley, cloudragondesign@lycos.com


Reynolds is an old friend of Inominandum (http://www.angelfire.com/space/inominandum/), who I attended a retreat together with Namkhai Norbu last fall. He's willing to openly teach and discuss a lot of the Dzogchen material and this weekend workshop looks like it will be fun.

Maybe I'll see some of the San Francisco brethren there.


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