April 18, 2004

What is that taste in my mouth?

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Yesterday was a busy day. I got up early, just before 7:00 AM, to start recording a broadcast by Namkhai Norbu, the Buddhist teacher whose work I study. He is doing a retreat in Venezuela right now and they were going to stream it over the net. Using Soundforge, I can record, directly from my sound card, any audio which passes through my system. This is convenient for saving real-time realaudio broadcasts such as this to mp3... I was going to get up, start recording and go back to sleep. It turns out that I got the day wrong and it was this morning (I did record it too though realaudio's player was nice enough to hiccup one hour and eight minutes in so I lost everything after that...).

I went back to bed and got up a bit later. My friend Monk is going to the middle east in the next couple of weeks and today was his "sell all my shit" day. I'd previously agreed to purchase some furniture from him so I needed to either rent a truck and get over there or track one down. I tracked down my friend the Wiccan High Priestess and convinced her to help me for a couple of hours through minor bribery and pleading. She and I hooked up at Home Depot (ooo, stuff!) and went over to Monk's. He and I proceeded to load up his Futon couch, two large bookshelves, a coffee table and some corner shelves into the back of her truck. Getting all this over to my place brought the whole thing to a four hour endeavor with some side trips.

After that, I hurriedly changed clothes because it was also the day of Monk's going-away dinner. We all met up at 7:00 at La Cocina's on Capitol Hill and proceeded to engorge ourselves on Mexican food. After that, a smaller group of us went with Monk to the Vogue for 80's night. I think we were there until a bit after Midnight before people all started dropping away. Since I don't dance and I wasn't driving, I proceeded to do my best to get liquored up on vodka and bullshit with Ashley and Oniyeh. I won a round of "who has the most disgusting story" and I apparently became amusing for certain parties. My gift for being crude in an entertaining way or somesuch... I had a good time and got drunk enough to be disoriented when I woke up at 7:00 AM this morning to record my little broadcast.

Today is a coffee day though...

On book fronts, I received volumes four through six of The Invisibles this week so I can finish reading that series fairly soon. I'm quite enjoying it. I hear that the last collection for Transmetropolitan will be out in the next month or so. I also received my hardcover of The Confusion by Neal Stephenson so I'm finally starting Quicksilver today as I hadn't gotten around to it yet. Yesterday afternoon, I did manage to finish Singularity Sky by Charles Stross, which I thought was a good read. His Atrocity Archives came out from the publisher this week, though Amazon doesn't have it yet. I got an e-mail from his fanboy list telling us where we could paypal money to get it immediately. That's his Lovecraftian-mathematics and Nazis spy thriller book that was serialized in some small press thing a while back along with a follow-up novella in one volume. It should be a lot of fun.


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