May 18, 2004


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Another exciting day on the ranch... This reminds me that I need to make sure to get to work in time tomorrow morning to fill out an early report. Ah well.

Pretty normal Monday stuff. Ray Kurzweil will be lecturing at MS on Wednesday, which I will attend. On Friday, Bruce Sterling will be on campus again (it's been, what, a year?) and I plan on seeing him as well in true fanboy form. I'll have his new book in hand. A good lecture week.

This evening, I met the incredible for coffee and chat. We hung out at Third Place Books until it closed and it was time to go. It's nice to hang out with old friends, especially ones who I can have a good conversation with.

Seeing her reminds me, though, that I don't seem to get out socially much anymore. I'm not sure why that is, per se. R and I moved out to the house on the other end of town from where we once lived and we kind of miss being close to things. It puts us far from almost all of our friends. The funny thing is that Rubylou is probably one of the physically closest friends to where we are. She's only about 15 to 20 minutes from here in the same end of town.

Given how hectic work and adult life can be, I'm not sure I miss talking to people always but it does give me pause. It is easy to see how couples become their own self-contained worlds.


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