May 21, 2004

Goddess of the Moon, God of the Hunt

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R and I met with our Wiccan High Priestess friend last night (Wednesday). It looks like the group might be coming together a bit. We have an open full moon rite based on our discussions from the previous meeting last month. We discussed this a bit and some other ritual particulars. We'll be getting together in a couple of weeks for the next Full Moon to put the rite into practice.

There is only one other potential member right now so it is a rather small group. Those of you local to me, if any of you are interested in British Traditional Wicca, you should e-mail me.

This weekend is my first time with the Wiccan group down at McNeil Island by myself. I'm trying to feel that I'm not out of my depth. My original interest was in helping my friend in the ministry work he was doing and maybe eventually playing more of a role. His getting activated to the Middle East for military duty has made me the sole teacher and sponsor of the group. If I'm not up to snuff, they won't be making it as they cannot meet without my presence. This is not a responsibility that I'm sure that I wanted. I have to step up, remember that I've done much of this for a long time, and try to help them with their spiritual work.

As much as I like groups and people, I've never particular wanted to be a leader of a group. It's a lot of work for often little reward. Of course, when someone else leads, you have to put up with their (obviously inferior) decision making process. Such is the quandry. With the inmates, I'm not their leader per se. They have their own leaders and their own dynamics that I don't normally get to see (they keep much of it out of the eye of non-inmates) but I am in a special role and am looked to for guidance. At least I'm older than most of them at this point...

Wiccan work is, for me, like riding a bike after a hiatus. I was never well trained by anyone. I was part of a number of open circles or groups, some of them ongoing, off and on for years before my involvement moved towards Asatru and Theurgy but I read most of the available material, thought about it, did work from it and integrated much of it (before putting it aside). I expect to learn quite a bit in working with a more traditional group (pardon the pun) but I also expect that I'm going to be shown lessons that I've already quite learned along the way. You can't circle for a long time and walk with the Powers without coming to some sort of understanding, as partial as it always turns out to be. The reason why it is a Mystery is not because it is hidden but because it cannot be explained. Undergoing the Rites of Eleusis in California a couple of years ago was a wonderful example of that for me.

At least I haven't become a Roman Catholic again. Fat chance as long as the pope is such a backward thinking, small-minded dictator. Besides, I prefer to know that salvation is already here, just as it always has been. The apocalypse came and went, long ago, didn't you see it?


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