May 29, 2004

Odd Conspiracies

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This article is the scariest thing that I'ved read in weeks:

Now, I have nothing particular against Christians. One of my uncles is a minister and another used to be one until fairly recently. They are good men, by and large, even if we disagree on things. I grew up Catholic and lived in a Protestant household through high school and college. (Of course, the main thing this did was give me a love of ritual and a desire not to be a Christian but that's another story.)

Reading about this behind the scenes, let's-control-the-world-for-Christ stuff is scary though. Who is out there checking these people other than a couple of reporters?

What's even better is that this group started in my home town in response to all of the traditional radicalism in Seattle and Washinton state back in the early part of the 20th century.

I'm reminded of one of the things that Bruce Sterling said recently that you need a counter-network to stop a network. That's from the Netwars book from the RAND institute that I'm reading right now.

An interview with the fellow that did the article is here:


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