May 22, 2004


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I finally finished Quicksilver this afternoon. I quite enjoyed it and it inspires me to read Gleick's biography of Newton that I picked up recently but...damn, it was a long book.

Sitting here, examining my copy of The Confusion (the next book in the series), I find myself uninspired to attempt an expedition to the summit at any point in the near future. The field of my mind will need to lie fallow of such deep thinking, even in novels, for a while. Instead, I think I'll read Wasteland of Flint by Thomas Harlan, which seems relatively light and a nice change of pace from Puritans, Alchemists and the origin of the modern world.

I still have around 50 pages left in Ken Wilber's One Taste that I wrote about earlier. I haven't felt like picking it up this last week. Generally speaking, I'm reading one novel and one or two non-fiction books at the same time. I have Glenn Morris' book of his take on esotericism and Japaense Buddhism and Budo, which ought to be diverting, but I'm thinking that it might be a good time to finish Guns, Germs, and Steel. I began this recently but it was weighty going in conjunction with Quicksilver so I put it down after the first couple of chapters.

On another note, I didn't go out to the prison today. I have e-mails last yesterday afternoon (and voice mails on my home phone) from the Chaplain of McNeil Island stating that there was a large event at the chapel this weekend and that my group's meeting was cancelled. I'm not sure why I got only a single day of notice and I (politely) communicated that. From what I can tell, there is no "make up" meeting. The guys just don't get to meet this month since I only go down once a month. I find that a bit distressing even though it frees of my immediate time today. I hope there isn't a political angle to not telling the pagan group in advance but I don't get a sense of it really. With Monk's leaving, things have kind of been in a lurch organizationally because, organizational rules aside, it seems like a lot of how things are done are just "common practice" regardless of the rules at times. Ah well.

Later on this evening, R and I will be going to an Alien themed party. Since the husband of the pair hosting is a chef, we're looking forward to food. The simple pleasures of Beer, Books and Food on a saturday.


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