May 15, 2004

Work Conversations

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We had a morale event at work yesterday where we all went and played Whirleyball for an afternoon and drank a lot of beer.

After a few beers, interesting conversations can happen (unlike non-alcohol fueled work events with only a few exceptions). Believe it or not, I'm rather introverted so I often don't have a lot to say to people that I don't know reasonably well about my true thoughts. Being part of the management chain makes this doubly true since every thought that crosses my brain isn't necessarily the best thing to share with my peers or the people that report to us. One must keep up appearances of normality and such for the sake of the Empire. Lay back and think of England and all that.

It was kind of amusing when we were sitting around and the topic of parents came up...There is very little in the realm of "appropriate workplace conversation" that can be said about my parents. I'd say that normality skipped a generation except:
  • I'm not necessarily strongly within the mainstream myself a lot of the time
  • my dad isn't exactly not normal as much as weird in a fairly normal sort of way. Lots of people have slightly eccentric parents.
My mother is not non-normal by my standards but then I'm engaged to be married to a woman that used to dress up as a nun with sequins and go do events with a bunch of gay men for AIDS awareness and my idea of the nature of the world left the realm of consensus reality when I was a teenager. Who am I say to say what is normal anymore? I'm not even sure what it supposed to mean though I get visions of slack-clad Republican armies who have missionary sex on weekends and dinner at 6:00 on weekdays.

Besides, I think people are actually a lot weirder than they often let on. I could be wrong and I have met a few amazingly normal people at work so it is hard to tell. I recall the time someone made a BDSM reference in passing (not me!) and an unnamed coworker just got a confused look on his face. Since it was at a drinking event and he actually asked (more than once), I took the time to try to explain what BDSM meant. Oooh, boy. That was an odd conversation.


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