June 30, 2004


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I'm feeling pretty cranky these last couple of days. I picked up whatever R has been walking around with this week. I'm a lousy sick person since I only get sick about once or twice a year in any real way. I'm not used to it like sickly people are...

I'm not horribly ill but achy with an scratchy throat and feeling pretty tired a lot. I've been going to work because it didn't feel bad enough to stay home but my endurance isn't what it should be. I feel like it hasn't made me as tolerant or energetic as I would want to be at work. Twice in the last two days, my boss and I have wound up arguing a bit for things that, in retrospect, seem like relatively minor matters overall.

I'll see how I feel tomorrow but maybe a rest day is in order to patch things up. In any case, I have a bunch of paperwork for myself and then various parties at work that I could do quietly at home for a while. Does that count as a sick day though? hmmm...

On another note, I finished The Choice of the Cat this evening. As with The Way of the Wolf, it was not a deep read in the slightest but easy and fun. I'll probably crack open The Cowl or River of Gods next, since those arrived last week from England but I feel that I should make some progress in my non-fiction reading as well.


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