June 18, 2004

Moved to Moveable Type

Posted at June 18, 2004 12:13 PM in Blogging .

Anyone reading this will have realized that I have moved by blog from dasBlog to Moveable Type.

There is no meta-reason for this beyond the issue that dasBlog, which I liked, requires ASP.NET. I have two internet providers for all of the webhosting that I do. One of these runs FreeBSD and hosts my IMAP mail server. It has also hosted most of my websites for the last eight years. The other one is an IIS box that was just hosting my weblog and a few other projects.

I can't really get rid of the FreeBSD box because of the mail issue (I have 100+ megabytes of mail on it) so, to cut costs and for simplicity, I'm getting rid of the IIS account.

I apologize for breaking my existing permalinks and losing old comments. There wasn't anything that I could do about that. I did manage to make a symbolic link to my old RSS feed's URL so the one at http://www.khephra.org/index.xml gets pointed to. Those of you reading this should update your feeds to that URL.


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