June 08, 2004

My Kung Fu beats your Phowa! Fight me!

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This seems a bit...odd...why is it appealing in a way though?


In 1950, Chinese communist soldiers marched in to Tibet. They forced the Tibetans to agree to a slow conversion to Communism. Yet as the number of troops in Tibet grew, so did the intolerance of the Chinese.

It is 1959 and Tibet is a country on the verge of chaos. Tales of Chinese atrocities are spreading. The Chinese seem ready to disband the Tibetan government at any moment. The people fear for the fate of their religious leaders. An anti-Chinese rebellion is slowly engulfing the whole country in warfare.

Yet things in Tibet are not always what they seem. Tibet is a place where ancient mystical teachings have been hidden. The opportunities for enlightenment are powerful, but so are the dangers. Sorcerers, malevolent spirits and cursed ritual objects are just a few of the magical hazards. For all its peace and beauty, Tibet is a harsh and dangerous place where one must be strong or smart to survive.

  • The first and only RPG based on the real history, religion and mythology of Tibet.     
  • A complete game – no other products needed to play.     
  • Powerful & flexible character creation system lets players go beyond simple archetypes to create unique and compelling characters.     
  • Realistically lethal combat system encourages players to think rather than fight.     
  • Complete rules for the quest for enlightenment, and all the dangers and powers found along the way.     
  • Two complete introductory adventures.     
  • GM Rewards: Free get free stuff just for playing Tibet at www.TIBETRPG.com.


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