July 26, 2004

A Dzogchen Song

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The Spontaneous Song of the Innate

The Supplication of Calling the Master from Afar

by His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche


Your essence, the natural state of simplicity, unchanging from the beginning,
Abides as the youthful vase body, the basic luminosity of primordial purity.
Dharmakaya master Yeshe Dorje, think of me.
Grant your blessing that I may attain the great confidence of the view.

Your nature, the luminous sphere of unobstructed unity,
Abides as the display of spontaneous presence endowed with the five certainties.
Sambhogakaya master Dechen Dorje, think of me.
Grant your blessing that I may perfect the great skill of meditation.

Your compassion, the wakefulness free from extremes and devoid of partiality,
Abides as the naked essence of all-pervasive awareness and emptiness.
Nirmanakaya master Drodül Lingpa, think of me.
Grant your bless that I may master the great enhancement of action.

There is no change in the primordial ground of self-awareness.
There is no good or bad in whatever occurs, the expression of dharmakaya.
Since my present wakefulness is the buddha in person,
I have discovered the carefree master of mental ease within my own heart.

When realizing that the master's nature is this innate mind,
There is no need for fixated prayer or contrived exertion.
By relaxing freely in the uncontrived and natural glow of awareness,
I have obtained the blessing of nonfixation, spontaneously freeing whatever occurs.

There is no chance for buddhahood through the way of fabrication.
The mind-made meditation of speculation is a deceptive enemy.
As a silly madman whose fixation has collapsed,
I will now spend my life unadorned, in the spontaneous state of rest.

As a yogin of the Great Perfection, I am happy in whatever I do.
As a scion of Padmakara, I am joyful no matter who I am with.
As the great treasure master, my protector is unequaled.
As the heart essence of dakinis, these teachings are unmatched.

The darkness of the great ignorance in my heart is spontaneously cleared.
The sun of luminous wakefulness shines unobscured and continuously.
This great fortune is the kindness of my master, the only father.
I remember his kindness which is impossible to repay.

At the request of my foremost vajra disciple, Tulku Jigmey Chö-ying Norbu Dön Tamchey Drubpey Dey, this was uttered as wanton gossip by Jigdrel Yeshe Dorje.


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