July 27, 2004

Another Song of Enlightenment

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This was sent to me by a friend of mine in exchange for the other song that I posted.

From the Shangpa Timeless Rapture- Inspired Verses of the Shangpa Masters, p.103- Songs of Kyergangpa- from the "vajra song that introduces one's own mind as the spiritual master"....

If I were to relate his life story, it would be like this:

This master is not subject to distance, there is no sentient being he does not pervade.

Because his aspirations are pure, there is no one who does not belong to his family

Because his compassion is vast, there is no one he has not placed in enlightenment's primordial state.

Because this maser's acts are powerful, he enters both existence and transcendence with complete mastery.

Because this master is not subject to change, you might have wrong views about him but he remains the same.

You've never been separated from this master for an instant. Such a longtime companion, but so difficult to see!

Because this master is not subject to death, he keeps constant vigil: how amazing!

As for such a spiritual master of your own mind,
Look to his face and recognize your own nature.
Pray to him without doubt or hesitation.
Develop devotion to him by placing your mind in it's own uncontrived ground.
Serve him by dwelling continually within it.
Feed him the food of clarity and emptiness without grasping.
Offer him the drink of the realization of inseparable mindfulness and  distraction.
Clothe him in the robe of knowledge of appearance and sound as magical illusion.
Place below him the carpet of uncontaminated bliss.
Have him wear the hat of unsought primordial presence.
Offer him the gifts of no clinging to whatever arises.


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