July 15, 2004

More Douglas Rushkoff

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This seems to be Douglas Rushkoff week.

Here is another interview with him...

More importantly, for me, working in this medium challenges me to live in the place I've been writing about. It's been great to write about non-linear spaces by using a linear medium, but this is a chance to play in that space, myself. I've been arguing for years that comics and graphic novels are environments where extraordinarily intense ideas are being exchanged. This was my chance to see if the medium could carry some of my own more complex thought constructs.

Finally, I wanted to enter the conversation. It'd take me a long time to explain, but Grant and I have been having a conversation for years about the power of magick, and the nature of reality. In a certain way, this is an answer to him. Little Bebe is my King Mob.
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