August 04, 2004

Back from my trip

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I'm back from my little camping trip and am, apparently, a bit pink. Several of my co-workers with similar tendencies to pinkitude have commented on it. Another commented about how I'd finally get a tan and I had to point out that, no, it will just stay pink. Other than getting freckles, I'm incapable of a normal tan...The luck of the Irish and all that.

In any case, I believe everyone had a good time at our retreat. I left at godawful early last Wednesday morning only to find my flight was cancelled at the last minute due to mechanical problems. The eventual result of this was catching a plane about three hours later and landing at JFK instead of Newark, NJ. My friends in Jersey had to come get me, which they did (and that had its own amusement) and then we headed north. I managed to get a tour of four out of the five boroughs in the process as well.

Eventually, we arrived in the dark through a rainstorm up a bit past Woodstock. I set up my camp in the dark with a little help and met the crew. There were ten of us on the retreat, including the teacher, who is a good friend of Inominandum, who picked me up. I'd only ever met most of them online before since we're all on a private e-mail list for Buddhists of a certain odd bent. (I mentioned my idea of registering "" to a couple and got laughs...most Buddhists don't find that one funny...) It's like the sarcastic, disillusioned but committed tantric Buddhist crowd.

I may right more later and post a picture or two but our days largely consisted of:

  1. Get up around 8:00 AM, go into the nearby town, get breakfast at a diner, get coffee.
  2. Come back, go down to the lake, find a comfy spot and do an offering rite or similar minor ritual work.
  3. Have a lecture or teaching on a particular topic (Vajrakilaya, Torma offers, Kye Rim practice)
  4. Lunch for an hour or two
  5. Spend the rest of the afternoon on another topic or ritual practice (a lot of lecturing on the thoughts or reasoning behind practices).
  6. Break for dinner, either cooked on site or going into town on a couple of occasions for a nice dinner at a restaurant.
  7. Stay up late BS'ing and talking shit.

We were rained on a bit off and on so it was a little bit of a trial to keep things in my tent from getting damp. My tent doesn't leak but it is a "two man" (read "one normal human") tent and you would be hard pressed to keep an air matress and gear in there and have nothing touch the wall. Of course, when it rains, anything touching the wall will get wet... All and all, the rain wasn't too bad though and the dampness was in the range that could be dealt with.

I had a really good time with people and I was glad to make the connection in person with those that I hadn't met before, especially JR, the teacher. He is an incredible man and has an amazing amount to share, even in casual conversation. It was good to see Jay and Ed again (Jay being Inominandum and my evil twin) and I hope to see them next year when Norbu is teaching in the Spring.

Sarva Mangalam!


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I've hit your site more than a few times and I'd love to chat a bit if you have the time. I'm currently on my own Magickal retirement in Australia but will be returning to the states at the end of the month to get bush out of there.
Great site my dear, I wish I'd been camping with you this week.


Posted by Khephra at August 6, 2004 08:59 AM

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