September 26, 2004

Doings of the Day

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Today was my day to visit the inmates at McNeil Island and to lead them on their voyage of self-discovery in the joys of Wicca and the arms of the Goddess. Actually, since certain troublemakers got the boot to other facilities, the dynamic of the group has continued to be friendly and easy going. I like the guys, for the most part. For a bunch of criminals, they are a generally sane bunch and are very intent on improving their lives. In many ways, they are truer believes that many of the pagans that I know as the inmates are much better focused a lot of the time.

We're also preparing for their annual feast (think Christmas equivilant), which is done for Samhain. We're doing it on October 30 this year. I'll be going out for my normal visit a week before and then I'll follow it up on the 30th with Samhain ritual work with them in the morning. I'll hang out until the late afternoon, when family and guests will arrive for the dinner feast. Monk might even be in town from Kuwait and I know the guys would love to see him at the feast if not the week before.

After I got back in the early afternoon, R and I went over to Rubylou's place for Olivia's first birthday party. See picture to right of me being distracted from taunting the little bug. She's a sweet kid and obviously was having a good time. She really likes her new musical toys as well!!

When R and I finally got home, I took a nap for a while (I'd been up about 12 hours at that point). She went out after a while to meet friends for her batchelorette party. I'd decided not to do a bachelor party for myself (too many things during the day and a lack of desire, really) but R convinced me to drop by the Vogue around 10:00 or so and meet up with her and her friends. This I did after watching Snake Blisken on TV for a while and many drinks were had by all. We got to hang out with our friends who, amazingly, all turned into pumpkins before us. We were the last to leave with many begging off with the "explanation" that they were the mass team for the Gnostic Mass tomorrow and couldn't be out late. Bah!

Tomorrow is house-cleaning day since we have a bajillion freakin' people in our house at the end of the week. We're doing the rehearsal dinner at the house Friday night and the wedding is Saturday. My mom and Bill arrive on Thursday night and will be staying with us as well. My brother and his new wife will be staying with my grandparents (y'all knew I had a brother, right?). Along with this, I'll be picking Sam up at the airport on Friday and taking care of him since he's doing our wedding and all. Everyone leaves Sunday except for Mom and Bill, who leave Monday afternoon. Monday morning, R and I will get up, drop the ferret off at the Vet for storage (they do a kennel thing) and then taking the shuttle to the airport to fly to Milan!

Busy times, indeed. I know that I should be excited about the wedding and I am but I just have visions of hordes of fucking people in my house. <sigh>


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