September 09, 2004

More Tattoos

Posted at September 9, 2004 12:43 AM in Spirituality .

Another potential tattoo design along the same kind of lines.

This is the Siddham form of three of the bodhisattvas. In the center is Shaka Nyorai, which is Shakyamuni Buddha, the historical Buddha. On the right is Monju Bosatsu, who is known as Manjushri to those of us familiar with Tibetan Buddhism. In the Japanese tradition, he is the left hand attendant of Shaka Nyorai. He is the personification of Wisdom. On the left is Fugen Bosatsu, who is known as Samantabhadra in Tibetan Buddhism. He is the right hand attendant of Shaka Nyorai in the Japanese tradition. He epitomizes teaching, meditation and practice.

In the Dzogchen traditions, of course, Samantabhadra is the Atibuddha, the primordial source of the Dzogchen teachings. To my knowledge, these teachings are not part of Japanese esoteric Buddhism, which does not have all nine yanas within it.


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