September 11, 2004

The New Pussy in the House

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Wow, you forget how temperamental cats can be after a while. Today, my friend, Kris, gave his cat to us. He's moved into a place with his fiancée and they are in the process of buying a house together. One problem: she can't handle cats. So, after much soul-searching, Kris decided to give up his kitty. When he told me about his troubles, I spoke to R and then volunteered to take his cat. I've already got two but they are both a bit older now and I expect that one or both will die within a few years. Kris' cat is supposed to be sweet and is fairly young and it seemed a good thing to do.

Kris dropped him off today. His name is "Nova Gato" and he's a large black cat. At the moment, he's a very large, rather pissed off, black cat. He was in a carrier for an hour and a half or so on his way over and he had already moved once in the last month. My cats looked at him and he at them and the hissing started. So, I've got him segregated in the back room (about four feet from me right now) so he can get used to the situation. He's been hiding in corners and behind my computer so he hasn't really looked around the house much. I figure that it might be a day or two before he's ready to have his battle for mastery with the other cats. He's lived with older cats before and wasn't the alpha kitty so he should knuckle under my little bitch kitty being in charge, as she always has been but it won't be pretty, I'm sure. I'm hoping the fights stay confined to hissing though.

Kris brought his stuff over with him, including a dish that Kris had made for him shaped like a fish with "Nova Gato" around the sides. It's terrible to see someone have to give up a pet that they obviously love. Kitty doesn't seem to like it much either.


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