September 18, 2004


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There are few things less inspiring in life than people that make their circumstances into victimhood or wear their dissatisfaction with the world as some akin to a fashion statement.

This is not to belittle real victims. I've known people who had been attacked, violated, or treated badly because of their gender, their skin color, their sexual orientation or other circumstances. Almost all of these people that I have known never considered themselves victims though and didn't see themselves as such. In fact, many would emphatically despise that label.

Compare that with your white, middle-class pagan who wants to rant about the "Burning Times" and make themselves a martyr or the directionless 20-something who espouses anarchism because they can't find work or didn't apply themself and were thrown out of school.

"Poor me, I'm sooooo oppressed" is the battle cry of no one at all.

Deeds, not words. You have to actually do something, for yourself, for others, whatever, in order to have an impact in this world. Talk is just talk. Maybe it helps. Maybe it is nice therapy. The gods know that blogs are good for getting things off your chest or the occasional rant but don't pretend you are changing the world if you're just whinging. Activism is rooted in "activity."

You have to actually get off your ass, turn off the computer and do something. The mantle of victimhood will only slow you down. You control your own fucking destiny. It's your Will, not that of another. Go do it.


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