October 31, 2004

Day of the Dead and Samhain

Posted at October 31, 2004 05:03 PM in Spirituality .

Samhain is here again and it came quite suddenly for us at home this year. R and I are going to celebrate the sabbat tonight. I spent yesterday at the prison, which I'll write about separately.

We've only been back from Europe for ten days and have been readjusting to having a normal schedule again. Normally, we would have had more time to prepare for Samhain as it is something we do every year together in the house.

The net result is that our Day of the Dead altar wasn't set up until just the other day when R got the stuff out and placed it. R and I have the custom of setting up one of these, even though we aren't Mexican or Catholic. Every year, normally, we buy another couple of figures to add to the altar. We haven't been able to do it this year.

For most pagans, Samhain is the season of the Dead and their memory. We're old enough that we've begun having friends and relatives die all too frequently. We do our best to remember and honor those that we've lost and we miss.

Look past the cut at the full entry for pictures of our altar.


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