October 25, 2004

Eye of the Storm

Posted at October 25, 2004 12:38 AM in Daily Life .

Things are going well for me now. Marriage, honeymoon, work, starting an MA but some around me aren't doing as well. I wish I was more help to them right now than a sympathetic ear.

One of these people is my father. He wasn't feeling well at the wedding and made some dark comments about his health, which has had its off and on trouble areas for a number of years. On getting home, he saw his doctor about what had been bugging him while he was here and the worst was announced. He's had liver problems for quite a while and his doctor now gives him, roughly, a year to live. He needs a liver transplant to avoid this fate. My dad, as many now, is on disability from a bad back injury 25+ years ago and has no insurance. He doesn't have huge amounts of money, being on disability. This makes it all the more difficult since to even be put in the running for a transplant, he'll probably have to pay large amounts of money up front. Then, even if he gets on a list, the chances aren't good of finding a match for him.

It's hard to know what to say when someone tells you that they are, barring exceptional circumstances, dying. I don't want to bury my father. I don't really feel like exploring my feelings beyond that right now.


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