October 11, 2004

Last Day in Florence

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Today is our last day in Florence. We'll be staying the night in the nice hotel in the converted palazzo not far from the river but we'll be leaving in the morning.

It turns out that getting to Assisi is a real bitch. We have to take the train somewhere (I forget where) and then take an hour and a half (which probably means three hours) bus ride there. R has abandoned her desire to go there. :-)

Instead, we'll probably proceed directly to Naples. There, we'll get a hotel and then take a day trip to Pompei. We both really want to see the ruins there and the museums. We also don't really want to spend more than four or five days in the hustle and bustle of Rome. Because of this, we are likely to do something random and go to some completely unplanned town or city just for fun for a day or so. We've still got another nine days in Italy to go.

Today, we go up and, after a little confusion with the staff about our breakfast, we went to visit a famous church about a block away. Mary of the Trinity or something similar in English? It's an 800 year old site and was the location of an abbey outside of the town walls. They have some wonderful frescoes from an early period and then a series of murals of the life of St. Francis. Unfortunately, they were being worked on so scaffolding was all over them and we couldn't see a lot. They also had a very old statue of Mary Magdalene, which I took a photo of, and some other beautiful paintings.

We then decided to walk to the Medici family tomb and then go to the Archeological Museum. The tomb, which I wouldn't have known was there if I hadn't looked it up on a map, was incredible. Picture lots of marble, giant statues and a private chapel done by Michaelangelo. Those Medicis! There were also something like 40 or so reliquaries holding the remains of saints in cases. I saw part of Saint Francis! All in all, very impressive.

We hiked over to the museum and it was...closed. Weird. The book says it should have been open today. While looking around, we saw others walk up and have a similar reaction. It's too bad because the museum is supposed to be impressive. So, we headed for lunch instead and I ate a calizone the size of my head. The rain returned so we stayed a while and then made our way back past a number of the the piazzas with statues.

That was about it for the exciting part of our day. The rest was napping and reading. We're going to go to a nice dinner but I've been trying to get away from the feeling that we had to do a whole bunch every day. Part of me wishes that we'd spent another day in Venice though. I liked that city a bit.


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