October 17, 2004

National Museum in Rome

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We're on the Internet earlier than normal today as everything seems to shut down a bit on Sunday AND we are changing rooms at our hotel so we have to wait to go back.

This morning, we went to the National Museum of Rome at the Diocletian Baths (?). Many many rooms of Roman Republica and Imperial era inscriptions, statuary, pots, votive altars, etc. etc. It was pretty interesting to see it all together, especially the statuary but there are only so many plaques that you want to stare at after a while.

The votive objects, many of which were reclaimed from the Tiber when the river was dredged at various points, are pretty interesting. They range from small objects, like pots, to six foot tall statues, mostly made from terracotta. It's neat to see the religious objects of the era that were given as offerings.

Later today, we're going to see the church plated in the bones of the Capuchin Monks (I forget the formal name of the church, it is fairly long). R has been there before and she says it is pretty cool if you have a thing about bones and the dead, which we do. I plan on taking quite a few pictures. We may go to the Spanish Steps after that.

On the advice of friends, we'll be going to San Clemente, which isn't far away, in the next couple of days to see the Mithraeum that is there since it seems to be the easiest to get to. There is also one at Santa Prisca but you have to get a clergyman to let you into the crypts there to see it and I'm not sure if we want to go over there.

Still having a good time in Rome! Tomorrow it is the Roman Forum and the Colleseum!


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