November 24, 2004

Castaneda Ass kickin'

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This both kicks ass and takes names and I'm not even a huge Castaneda fan.


In his first book, The Teachings of Don Juan, published by the University of California Press and for which Carlos Castaneda received his doctorate in Anthropology, we are told: In 1960, as an anthropology student at the University of California, Los Angeles, Carlos Castaneda began collecting information on the medicinal plants used by the Indians of the southwest. Subsequently he met, and became the apprentice of, don Juan, a Yaqui Indian.

From 1968 thru 1999, the following ten books were published. They recount his apprenticeship under don Juan and therewith provide us entrance to the knowledge don Juan passed on to him--knowledge of an ancient system for becoming a "man of knowledge."
1968--The Teachings of don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge
1971--A Separate Reality: Further Conversations with don Juan
1972--Journey to Ixtlan: The Lessons of don Juan
1974--Tales Of Power
1977--The Second Ring of Power
1981--The Eagle's Gift
1984--The Fire From Within
1987--The Power of Silence: Further lessons of don Juan
1993--The Art of Dreaming
1999--The Active Side of Infinity.

This book is a compilation of most of the ideas, procedures, methods, systems, processes, concepts, and principles of the teachings of don Juan presented by Carlos Castaneda .

I have, where necessary, changed the original text in order for the teaching to be directed as though from don Juan to any new student. That being said, however, there are a number of places where the teaching is directed as though you have been a participant in something with don Juan; or are acting or thinking in a particular way. Presenting it that way, seemed to me, the easiest way to leave parts of the teaching intact . And on the point of my presenting everything as though from don Juan: a number of places, perhaps as much as 10% of the total, were actually Castaneda's insights, explanations, or additions to the teaching. Lastly, in at least two places, the teaching actually came from other of don Juan's associates.

In "The Fire From Within": chapter 3, paragraph 48, Carlos Castaneda tells us that don Juan said that "the old seers...actually saw the indescribable force which is the source of all sentient beings. They called it the Eagle..." I refer to this passage in order to justify my usage, in this book, of the term, "the Indescribable Force ," instead of the term don Juan used, "the Eagle." If you miss the use of the term "the Eagle," I apologize.

The chapter titles of this book and the material in those chapters, correspond to the above nine books. Within these chapters are two types of line breaks. The asterisked line breaks set apart points which, because of removed context, now appear as disjointed bits (or passages) of teaching. The plain line breaks (or two asterisks if between pages) correspond to books' chapter breaks.


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