November 29, 2004

Movies and Magic

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The last week with the long weekend has been the weekend of many movies. Along with Netflix movies, R and I rented a couple and then I bought a few.

Last night, we watched Dawn of the Dead, which was a bit of a dog. Now, I like a bad zombie movie as much as the next guy but while parts of it were engaging, the movie as a whole was utterly predictable. I was hoping for a bit better but I expected it to be as such. We also watched Envy with Ben Stiller and Jack Black (plus Christoper "I'm fuckin' creepy" Walken). That one was a bit better and typical Stiller and Black type shenanigans. Again, not a deep movie but I was simply hoping for funny. Jack Black always makes me laugh.

Tonight, we watched The Unforgiven, which I bought yesterday (along with The Outlaw Josey Wales and Pale Rider). As you can imagine, I'm a bit of a Clint Eastwood Western fan. I hadn't seen it in years and I still loved the moodiness and just general desperation of the terribly flawed characters. I can't think of a simple "pure" character in the whole movie unless it is the children. Unlike the old Westerns, everyone in this movie is messed up. As Clint says "We've all got it coming."

Watching him also reminded me that I need to pick up the rest of the Dark Tower books again soon. Roland calls. Maybe over the holidays.

Tonight, I'm reading A Year in Linear City, a novella by Paul Di Filippo, in the collection, Cities. The Tain by China Mieville is in it as well, which is actually why I got it. As it turns out, all of the authors that contributed to it are ones that I like.

I've also been working through Stephenson's The Confusion and have gotten far enough that I understand the basis of the name (and I'm not meaning that as a joke). Stephenson continues to give me laugh-out-loud moments when I read it though some of it seems to fall flat when I try to explain why it is so funny to the missus.

I am also reading some of Mark Stavish's essays, including one on compassion and the Western Esoteric Tradition. He draws comparisons with the Tantric tradition and the Bodhisattvas for contrast. Mark and I have been corresponding a bit in the last few days and exchanging some thoughts on the Western Estoteric Tradition. Inevitably, my involvement with Tantric Buddhism comes up in the conversation and the needs that it fulfils that I don't get in "my own" native tradition. He has some interesting thoughts and insights here and seems pretty well informed. We've had a discussion relating the Inner Heat yoga from Naropa to some of Mark's ideas around the Middle Pillar ritual. Interesting.

I also updated the stylesheet on his website on the Hermetic Library as the old one was just making me wince. It seemed nice six or seven years ago when I wrote it.


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