November 14, 2004

Open Source Golden Dawn in the news

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My friends at the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn seem to be getting blog press today. Sam Webster, who did my wedding, is their founder.

I've seen at least two blogs (one of them a quite popular one) mention them today. BoingBoing Blog ( is pretty influential. Here is their bit:

Unsecret Society

David Pescovitz: The Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn aims to make a century-old occult tradition of magick less, well, hidden:

"The revelation of the once-secret Hermetic symbols and philosophies that are the foundation of the Golden Dawn's system has long since occurred, yet we still see Lodges swearing their Aspirants to absolute secrecy with mighty oaths of death and destruction, if they dare to reveal to the uninitiated the "secret knowledge" which the uninitiated could buy cheaply at a used book store. We see no reason to follow this defunct and even harmful approach.

Instead, following the demonstrably advantageous practice of the Open Source Software movement, we build our Order on the sources of knowledge that are accessible to anyone. Our sources are already open; we simply affirm this obvious fact. We have no "secrets" to conceal, in particular those that have already been revealed. And in any case, the era of artificial secrecy is at an end. Ours is the Information Age, and we embrace it fully. Therefore we ordain and establish our order as the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn."
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