November 30, 2004

Scary Freemasons

Posted at November 30, 2004 09:26 PM in Daily Life .

I finally got around to getting my friend, Ken, to sign my Masonic application. He's a member of the lodge I'm applying to and I needed him or another member that I know to sign it as I forgot to do it when I initially turned it in a long while back. I've mailed it in.

I expect that it will be read at the lodge this month. Sometime in early to mid January, a group of Masons will interview me to see if I'm a complete wingnut or not (bwa ha ha!!). Assuming that I don't start speaking in tongues and keep it together, I'll probably undergo the first initiation in February.

I've been interested in Masonry for a number of reasons for a long, long time. I was once an Oddfellow, which is similar, but still not quite the same. A lot of my esoteric interests have a certain shared history with the Freemasons. A lot of my historical and political interests do as well, at least for the order of yesteryear. As I know many magicians who are also involved, I think it will be an interesting relationship.


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