December 04, 2004

Hey Drupal, !?$@!$#

Posted at December 4, 2004 11:52 PM in Technology .

Jesus Fucking Christ, could Drupal be MORE of a pain in the ass to upgrade?

I decided to upgrade a drupal site to version 4.5.1 last night around 11:30 PM after getting my ass handed to me one time too many in Half Life 2: Deathmatch. I figured that I'd do something more constructive. I have a private site that I run for a bunch of the Buddhist tantric and dzogchen practitioners that I hang out with. Our own little home.

I went to bed at 3:45 AM still with issues... <sigh>

Really, the upgrade itself went relatively smoothly. It's all of the optional modules that screwed the pooch. I have the IMAGE and FileStore2 modules installed. When I upgraded, the links to all of my images and uploaded documents were still there but the system couldn't find the files because the upgrade wiped out the code for the modules. I uploaded new versions of them but, of course, there are changes. Fast forward to me telneted into a unix box with a command line connection open to a mysql server hand typing in freakin' SQL commands. It turns out that the upgraded forms of the modules changed their tables.

End result, IMAGE works now though I had to re-upload all of my original images. The FileStore2 module is still busted. It says, when I upload a file, that it works and trying to download the new file pretends to work but the contents of the file are an "access denied" error message. After spending time chmod'ing things, I'm pretty convinced now that my mysql table from the old version is fux0red and I should delete it and try starting from scratch.

What a seamless fucking open source joy this was. I basically spent over four hours (with probably four more to come) dealing with this. That'll teach me to dare upgrade!!


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