December 01, 2004


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This is so cool that I want one even though I don't have an immediate use!

From Gizmodo: TraxData TravelStudio

There's so much to the TraxData TravelStudio that it's hard to know where to begin. Here you have a portable device which can read almost any media (CF-I and II, SD, MD, MS, MS Pro, MMC, CD, DVD) connect to any TV or PC and play many media formats (DVD, VCD, MP3, JPG, MPEG, WAV) and burn CDs as well. There are obviously many uses for such a device, but it would really be swank if it included a hard drive and played DiVX—take your DVDs with you, without actually carting around a library of DVDs (or a laptop). Not bad at $400, but no word on whether TraxData's US distributor will be bringing them stateside.

TraxData TravelStudio All-in-One Device [MobileMag]


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