January 03, 2005


Posted at January 3, 2005 12:53 PM in Buddhism , Spirituality .

A Zen teacher that I know online received this description of meditation practice from a student of his and decided to share it with a bunch of us...

"I'm trying to be more mindful and more careful about my practice - meaning that while I'm sitting, I'm trying to notice when my mind starts to wander and say to myself 'thinking' and return to the breath. It's just amazing to me how many layers upon layers upon layers of thinking there are. A transcript from the inside of my head while meditating:

Monkey Mind: Those barettes I had in the third grade were so cool, I wonder what happened to them.

Mind: Thinking. Return to the breath.

Monkey Mind: Here I am returning to the breath. That's cool that I remembered to return to the breath. I notice I breathe more slowly when I'm sitting. I wonder why that is.

Mind: Thinking. Return to the breath.

Monkey Mind: Yeah! Thinking! Go back to the breath. Jeez. You're hopeless. Back to the breath. Wonder if I'll eat anything with ketchup today. Ketchup is so good. I've heard that lycopene in ketchup is really good for you and really good for men's prostate glands.

Mind: Thinking. Return to the breath.

Monkey Mind: It always cracks me up when people confuse prostate and prostrate. That's really funny. I'm following the breath. This is pretty cool. I'm not thinking all that much right now. I wonder if this is what meditation is supposed to be like, wait a second, I am thinking!

Mind: Thinking. Return to the breath."