February 21, 2005

Back from Pantheacon 2005

Posted at February 21, 2005 08:30 PM in Paganism .

We're home at last. I didn't really have a lot of time over the weekend to write as much as before. Maybe I'll put something together in the next couple of days.

Pantheacon 2005 was fun though it reaffirmed my desire to wear "normal" clothes and to never wear a tunic. We attended some neat workshops and I had some engaging and occasionally drunk conversations with many a pagan and magician at a number of parties. Due to limiting myself to only a few drinks last night, I feel ok today.

As always, everyone thinks my mom is cool though I got revenge by her wandering into a party across the way from the one that I was at and having a stranger (to her) look at her badge as soon as she came in and say "Oh, he's in the other party" to her. Heh.

I also had a nice chat with Thorn Coyle about her Evolutionary Witchcraft book since I started using parts of it in my prison work recently. I haven't seen how the guys feel about it yet but I quite like the book. Her friend, Francis, also delighted us with tales about his years as a bouncer in questionable clubs and why only ugly, straight people seem to have a requirement to have sex in public.

I also got to spend some time hanging out with Sam Webster and we had a long chat about recent difficulties and resolved the issues to, I think, our mutual satisfaction.


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