February 08, 2005

Draft of History Paper

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I just finished what I've marked as "Draft 5" of my History 501 paper. After my frustration with the Philosophy 505 paper experiences (and I regret turning it in early now), I am determined to get the history paper right. It is a seven page paper so it shouldn't be too bad.

I've been working on it off and on since this weekend, doing about a third of it on Saturday and then hammering out a full draft on Sunday. I then went back over it a few times. Last night, I asked R to read it for errors and she agreed so I printed it out. Tonight, she went through it, found a bunch of the kind of typos that spellcheckers don't catch and quite a few places where my language was too longwinded or I had sentences with too many clauses for comfort. I wound up getting a little sharp during the connection process, which is bad since she's doing me a favor. I apologized but I do value having someone literate enough to proofread at home as I am going to be writing, on average, three or four papers a class.

I went back and rearranged entire sections to flow more logically. The paper is set up to answer three separate questions from an introductory text on the study of history that we read. My paper answered those questions but linking them up into an overall theme was difficult. R had some ideas there and I pondered them a while. Eventually, I think I created something that flows better. I'll print out Draft 5 tomorrow and go over it. I'd like to turn it in by Wednesday since it is due by Friday. Luckily, the prof prefers papers by e-mail.


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