February 12, 2005

House Exteriors

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Just to prove that owning a home is a never ending trial, I realized today that a piece of siding at the bottom that overhands part of my foundation in the carport is rotten. Luckily, it's the furthest down and it hangs off the wall a bit so I doubt if there is too much damage underneath. I'm sure the plywood directly under it is in need of help but that's about it. It's one of the few walls where I can actually look at the other side of it since our water main is immediately on the other side. Looking at it from the guest room, there is no visible water damage, which is what I'd expect. Another piece directly above it (about five feet up) is also damaged from before we had the drain spout moved last summer because it wasn't draining correctly.

All of the siding on our house is cedar siding and it looks to be original, so it is about 43 or so years old. I have a three or five boards on the south side (the front) that have horizontal cracks through large parts of them or are slightly warped, probably from sun and weather exposure. They don't fit quite properly anymore or are cracking away.

Depending on the weather, I may get someone out in the next month or so to replace them. I know that unless there is large damage underneath, which seems unlikely, that replacing them is simply a matter of getting the cedar siding in the right size, having a carpenter come out, and then having him pull the old siding off, cut the new siding to fit, and then nailing it up.

I went looking for our exterior paint today because I'd have to paint them and the old owners left a lot of paint from the various internal projects. While I did find primer, I don't see any paint in the color of the exterior. I should have some of that handy for touch ups anyway.

Seeing loose, rotten, or buckling siding on my house is disconcerting but I tend to overreact to these things as a new home owner. As long as the damage is surface, I remind myself it isn't major. Even if it isn't surface, it still becomes mostly a money issue. The advantages of a wood framed and sided home.

If anyone knows of a good Seattle area carpenter, I'd love to know about it. I'd like to pay reasonable rates for this work rather than the more expensive rates through a service like Mr. Handyman.


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