February 25, 2005

Now a Mason

Posted at February 25, 2005 12:08 AM in Spirituality .

I took initiation at Queen Anne Masonic Lodge #242 this evening. I took the first degree of masonry there, which means that I am now an "Entered Apprentice" in the order. There are two more degrees within the core blue lodge system for the freemasons.

I've been looking forward to doing this for quite some time even though it took me roughly a year to get my application filled out, signed by masons that I knew, and turned into the body. Once they received it, I was initiated within about two months, which isn't too bad.

I will be working through the next two degrees in fairly short order as work and school give me the time to do so. It was nice that two OTO brothers who are members of the body were in attendance this evening. It was quite cool to have the familiar faces there.

I also found out that Sam Webster, who performed my wedding, is also a mason now. He joined within this last year. He and my arch-nemesis, John Michael Greer, gave a talk on pagans and masonry at Pantheacon. They encourage those of us interested in the esoteric traditions of the West to get involved with the one that is in every major city of every Western nation. While most masons are not esoterically inclined, there is a heavy current of esotericism there for those that take the time to look. I'm looking forward to my continued involvement.


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