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Pantheacon 2005

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This is the list of events that look the most interesting to me from Pantheacon 2005. R and I will be attending this from February 18 through 21 in San Jose, CA.

Friday, February 18

2:00 PM Friday

Glenn Turner and friends

Opening Ritual

Join us as we open the conference with a blessing of this space and sharing our strength and the diversity of our community. We will introduce ourselves and see how far we have come from both far places and widely diverse spiritual paths.


3:30 PM Friday


The Divine Twins

Through a visual presentation and guided meditation, participants will explore the mystery of the Divine Twins, the most difficult Feri deity to fully comprehend. By the end of the workshop the apparent paradox of the Gods who are fully opposite and completely the same will be resolved.


7:00 PM Friday

Ár nDraíocht Féin

Ár nDraíocht Féin - Ritual

Come one, come all to a Celtic Druid Ritual with Ár nDraíocht Féin. Ár nDraíocht Féin, A Druid Fellowship, is an international fellowship devoted to creating a public tradition of Neopagan Druidry.


Venee Call-Ferrer

Altar Building for personal, environmental, and social change.

The creative process is a powerful catalyst for change. The intention with which we work in our medium can create extensive change for ourselves and for our world. Altar building is communing with the divine and active mediation, magical in its own right and an amazing art form to communicate ideas to the community. Learn how to create powerfull interactive altars that invite and engage the community. Check out the temple in the Magical Acts Suite for a sampling of my work!


9:00 PM Friday

Lael Willingham

Feel the Drum

NOT a drum jam! Learn drumming for magical purposes. Ever felt your blood rise with the thrum but never picked up a drum; want to, but are intimidated by the “superstars” – this workshop is for you. I LOVE to drum - Get acquainted with a drum in new ways, learn their voices, care and feeding; techniques for trancework, meditation, and energy; “signals” & etiquette of group drumming, basic rhythms. ANYONE can be a vital part of a drumming circle. (drums not required but encouraged)


Saturday, February 19

9:00 AM Saturday

Denny Sargent

Pagan And Animist Traditions of the Holy Guardian Angel

Based on research gathered over the last decade for the recently published book YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL AND YOU (Weiser, 2004), this presentation explores the past and current roots of the ‘Guardian Angel’ concept in Pagan and Animist traditions worldwide. ATMAN, IL, EL, KA, KAMI, MASTER OF THE HEAD, ALLY, TOTEM, PLEROMA or SOPHIA….What links all these terms into one coherent image is the central concept what Jung called the Self, or the HGA. This presentation will explore these ideas and practice

11:00 AM Saturday

Gretchen Faulk

The Mystic Rose - Soul, Symbol and Sacred Feminine

Meaningful to the West as the lotus to the East, the Rosa Mystica is a multi-layered passion. A 16th cent. work said: “This symbol has profound meanings in all branches of Hermetic mystery, as well as in the symbolism of Universal Mythology.” From Aphrodite to Aleister Crowley, from the Virgin Mary to the Golden Dawn, the Rose reigns as a supreme symbol of love, Goddess, and the soul blossoming towards the Divine. Join us as we experience the Rose in art, poetry and the spiritual imagination.

1:30 PM Saturday

Dr. David Shoemaker

Parzival: The Grail Legend and the Mystical Path

This presentation will explore the myth of Parzival and the Grail, in light of its mystical symbolism and relevance to personal spiritual attainment. We will also connect the story of Parzival to the Gnostic Mass of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica. Anyone with an interest in Arthurian/Grail legend, Qabalah, or the Gnostic Mass will likely enjoy this presentation.


Ile Orunmila Oshun

Ancestor Reverence: An African Perspective

Ancestor reverence is a part of many cultures around the world. We will talk about the prayers, songs, alter-building, divination, and appropriate offerings from an African perspective. The ancestors live and everyone has ancestors; therefore, this presentation will be cross-cultural. Participants: Please know the names of some of your ancestors.


Diana L. Paxson

Divine Horsemen: A Panel on Possessory Experience

A panel discussion of possessory experience as it manifests in different spiritual traditions today, including practitioners from Umbanda, Wicca, Hellenic and Heathen groups.


3:30 PM Saturday

Thelema Lodge OTO

Gnostic Mass

Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica (E.G.C.), or the Gnostic Catholic Church, is the ecclesiastical arm of Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.). The E.G.C. is a Thelemic religious environment, dedicated to the advancement of Light, Life, Love, and Liberty through alignment with the Law of Thelema. The central activity of the E.G.C. is the celebration of the Gnostic Mass, as set forth in Liber XV, composed by Crowley for O.T.O. and E.G.C. in 1913.



A Cast Of Cowries: Sacred Stories from Odu Ifa

Performances and dramatic readings of the myths and stories of the Orishas. This is an interactive presentation which includes visualization, chanting, music and movement. Teish will perform classic Orisha tales drawn from the Sacred Orature of the Yoruba tradition, her original poetry and spiritual autobiography.


Cherry Hill Seminary

Cherry Hill Seminary -- Professional Pagan Ministry Education

Panel discussion on the concept of Pagan "clergy." What knowledge and skills should Pagans who may be called to public ministry to acquire? What roles are we assuming as our movement matures and takes a more visible role in society at large? What values do most Pagan share? How can then be fostered with seminary education? What is distance learning? Meet in terraspace the West Coast faculty of this cyberspace school.


Donald Michael Kraig

Hypnosis 102

In this workshop we'll *briefly* recap what was covered in my previous workshop on hypnosis, including what it is, what it is not, and why it has not worked for you in the past. Then we'll move on to examine ways to use hypnosis in ritual, including unique ways to work with hypnosis to channel magical energy toward a desired goal. As an added feature, everyone who wishes to will experience being hypnotized in a way similar to that of famed psychiatrist and hypnotist Dr. Milton Erickson that entirely ignores the "you are getting sleepy" or "as I count down" methods and instead, simply tells an enchanting story.

7:00 PM Saturday

Pagans in the Academy: Sabina Magliocco and colleagues

Magic in the Academy

We know there's no Hogwarts's, but can you actually study magic in school? What is the relationship between Paganism and academia? Which academic disciplines are exploring magic,witchcraft and paganism, and how do you pick a good place to study? How do we incorporate ethical and magical principles from our spiritual lives into our academic practice? Come join this panel of academic teachers and students – all of whom are Pagan -- for a lively discussion of these issues and more.


T. Thorn Coyle

Developing Will: Accepting the Power of Choice

Will and intention are the most potent magical tools we have. In this experiential workshop, we will experiment with developing our will. In Anderson Feri Tradition, the blade is the tool of will. Walking the blade's edge of choice, we hold opposition to strengthen our magic. When we reach the tip of the blade, opposition becomes one within us. What will we choose then? Bring a willingness to move and a question you may be currently engaged with.


Erin Johansen

Kali Maa: Tradition, Devotion and Puja (Ritual)

Come learn about and participate in devotional worship of the Divine Mother, Dark Goddess of India, Kali Maa. Exploration of Her Wisdom Tradition in Shakta Tantra made accessible to the West.

9:00 PM Saturday

David Ponkey

Tales of the Hindu God Shiva

Ganesh, the elephant headed Hindu god, is the Lord of Beginnings. He is traditionally honored at the start of all activities. Come, hear how Ganesh got his elephant head, how he lost his tusk, and why he has a snake tied around his belly. We will meet his father Shiva, the God of Destruction, and his mother Parvati, daughter of the Himalayan Mountains. There will be demons and monsters, rats and dancing statues, even the occasional human.



Oracular Seidh

Now, as in the ancient North, seers and seeresses journey to the spirit world to find answers to our questions. All are welcome. This session is limited to 60 people, please inquire at the Asatru Hospitality suite for more information on other sessions.

11:30 PM Saturday

The Hella-Called

Hella Blot - A devotional blot in honor of the Norse goddess of the dead

In Norse tradition a blot is a feast or ritual in honor of a deity or set of deities. Sacrifices are made, blessings requested, and oaths taken. It is a time when we gather to thank our gods for all they provide, and celebrate their presence in our life. Tonight we will invite Hella, goddess of the dead, to join us here in Midgard, to thank her for all she has done to care for our beloved dead. Please be aware that there will be aspecting of the deity on the part of designated clergy only. Note also: As in the lore, Modgud will be challenging those who come to enter this realm. Come with clear intentions. If interested in more information on Hella first, look for the Discussion Group earlier in the day on Saturday.

Sunday, February 20

9:00 AM Sunday

Holly Allender

Hatha Yoga

This class offers a time to relax, stretch, and energize yourself for the day. Hatha yoga is a gentle technique that allows students to modify poses for added challenge (or ease!) depending on experience. Hatha Yoga focuses on a bold opening and expression of the heart as well as the discipline and training of the body. It’s a fun and playful way to practice yoga. 


11:00 AM Sunday

John Michael Greer

The Druid Revival

For three hundred years people in the Western world have drawn on the ancient Druids as inspiration for a living nature spirituality for today. Join John Michael Greer in a traditional Druid teaching ceremony and share in the legacy of three centuries of modern Druids. Think "Meso-Pagan" Druidry is stuffy and irrelevant? Come prepared to be surprised.


Elie sheva

Fundaments of Amcha-Israeli Nature Spirituality

WoRkshop submission 1: New to Pantheacon "Fundamentals of Hebrew Nature spirituality-Highlights". This workshop highlights: a)Beliefs common in the Amcha Tradition:mysticism animism and Godforms 2)Practice: overview of daily practice 3)Practice: the Cycle of the Seasons:overview of calendar events 4)Amcha shamanism and divination


1:30 PM Sunday

Donald Michael Kraig

Sri Yantra: The Tantric Tree of Life

Perhaps the most sacred symbol in India—some people even worship it— is the Sri Yantra, an interlocking set of triangles surrounded by circles, symbolic lotus petals, and finally an outer "square" that serves as doorways to its many secrets. Mystically, it functions as a sort of super Tree of Life, and is used for everything from healing techniques (it may be a source of the meridians of Oriental medicine), and a guide for astral travel to a place where goddesses are located and worshiped to obtain favor. In this workshop you'll learn the basics of the Sri Yantra, its symbolism, and how to work with it.


Orion Foxwood

Ancestors and Inner Allies

At the core of most indigenous folk magic practices (such as Faery, Southern Conjure/ Hoodoo, Hedgewitchery and Cunning Traditions in America) are techniques, lore and rituals associated with the “unseen company”; those denizens of the invisible world that affect the physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual components of our lives. These contacts include such beings as Faeries, nature spirits, deities, tutelary spirits and the often overlooked, ancestral dead. But what are these beings?


David Shultz

Ethical Trance Possession for Practitioners

Come join us as we discuss the appropriate whys, whens and wherefors of trance possession. The current trend of "come on down anytime" has a number of us in the community concerned and we're creating this space to talk about the issues that have come up.


3:30 PM Sunday

Mary K. Greer

The Secret Tradition in the Minor Arcana

There is a hidden dimension to the Waite-Smith Minor Arcana that is clearly delineated in Waite's works on the Holy Grail and Freemasonry though never before revealed. Learn how these meanings, conveyed through the greatest myths of the Western Magical Tradition, can add depth to your readings.


Jason Augustus Newcomb

The New Hermetics: 21st Century Magick

This workshop introduces you to a system of simple and practical methods for illumination and power. The New Hermetics is a synthesis of Qabala, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Yoga, Alchemy, Jungian Archetypes, Hypnosis, Wilhelm Reich's energy theories, Leary's Eight Circuit Model of Consciousness, and Scientific Illuminism. The New Hermetics can quickly unlock the latent potential for excellence and cosmic power within you.


7:00 PM Sunday

Daniel Gautier

Hermetic Mysteries, Botticelli & Worlds Beyond

This slide lecture will examine Philosophical Paganism and the Rennaiasance Orphic/Naturalist magic of Marsilio Ficino, as well as discuss their effect upon the artists Botticelli and Raphael and later developments in Western mysticism and occultism.


9:00 PM Sunday

Sam Webster & John Michael Greer

Masonic "Birds of a Feather"

Are you a Pagan Mason? Do you know one? Do you want to be one or are just interested in how any of us could do this? Then come and share in an open conversation about Masonry and Paganism. You may be closer to the Craft than you realize!


Hammer of Thor Kindred

Well and Tree Seidh

Hammer of Thor Kindred is proud to present a new form of Seidh for the Folk. As the Asatru community moves forward, our practices will evolve and grow with each local community. Members and associates of Hammer of Thor Kindred have gotten together and created a Seidh ritual unique to our Kindred, one that reflects our values and beliefs. We may take a more conservative approach than some, and we feel that fits in well with both our kindred members and our commitment to the community as a whole.

Monday, February 21

9:00 AM Monday


Creating a Pagan Sanctuary

Have you ever thought about creating a Pagan school, retreat center, sanctuary, shrine, hostel, or festival site? Or are you in the middle of doing it? Come talk with Amber K and Azrael Arynn K, who are creating Ardantane seminary from the ground up. Discuss visioning, legal status, building a cadre of volunteers, buying land, building Earth-friendly facilities, making ground rules, and lots more PRACTICAL and MAGICKAL stuff!

11:00 AM Monday

T. Thorn Coyle

The Triple Soul in Feri Tradition

The Triple Soul appears in many cultures and magical systems. We are each a sacred trinity, both human and divine. Using movement, trance and song we will learn to align our soul and become more ourselves, standing strong, beautiful and shining. Step into your Godhood and discover your wholeness.


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