March 13, 2005

Busy Weekend

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It's been a busy weekend.

Madeline came over after work on Friday night. Before she arrived, I went to the University Bookstore after dropping John off and picked up my copy of Resolution by John Meaney. Duane, who has run the Science Fiction section there since I was a teenager, has been giving me shit for buying from, so I purchased it from him. There is a copy of the new Richard Morgan novel on its way as well but it hadn't arrived yet.

The evening was spent with Madeline and R. We went and got some "get dirty" clothes for Madeline so she could mess around in the garden area and help R, which she has seemed interested in doing. We got a few more painting supplies as well. After all of this, it was Dairy Queen for ice cream and that was all she wrote.

Saturday, other than some time with Madeline, was spent reading history texts for my next paper, due this coming Friday, and putting primer on the outside of the new or patched siding on the house. Since my carpenter also renailed all of the siding on the front and side of the house, I had to go over each nail with primer as well. Kind of tedious. I think between Saturday and Sunday, I spent about four or five hours covered in primer putting a couple of coats on things. I really want to get the new paint on before it rains but the weather looks bad for that. At least with the primer on, the wood is protected.

Ah, the tedious joys of home ownership. In a lot of ways, I miss just having an apartment and not having to worry about this sort of thing but I'll probably feel better when a month or two goes by without me paying to fix a problem or spending time worrying about existing problems.

Right now, I'm taking a break from my work on the paper. I finished my reading this evening. It was a selection of texts on different facets of the work of historians. I read some selections on Marxism and Post-Marxism, Cliometrics, Woman's Studies and Gender, Race, and Postcolonialism. I'm supposed to write a paper (only about seven pages or so) on two of the topics from the reading and then use the tools and perspectives to critique the book that I wrote my first paper on. That book, while a solid text, is an American text written around 1950 by a white guy so you can say it has some perspective issues from a modern point of view.

Next week, I have another paper due for the philosophy class. After that, it's four weeks until either class has its last paper due. The history one ought to be fun since that's the paper where I was allowed to choose my own book for it.

It's weeks like the next two where I wonder about the wisdom of working full time, being married, and being enrolled in a graduate program at once.


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