March 05, 2005

Grant Morrison Interview on SuicideGirls

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I particularily like his rant about the Matrix and the purposeful ripping off of material from The Invisibles for it.

DRE: I read a lot about how The Invisibles was so personal and autobiographical for you. I haven't seen your plays but have you ever done straight autobiography?

GM: Not really. Pop Mag!c is a book I'm doing right now which is kind of an account of all the occult stuff I've studied and the personal system of magic I've developed over the years so it has a lot of autobiography in it. Otherwise I tend to turn events in my life into the symbolic material that fills the stories. All the autobiographical stuff ends up in the work - if I'm feeling depressed, I'll call the depression something like Primordial Annihilator and send the Justice League in to kick its arse. The Invisibles was mostly stuff that was actually happening to me. I was up on a sacred mesa in New Mexico doing acid with a medicine man and all that. The dialogue for that whole sequence, in fact, was based on tape recordings I made of conversations I had with my friends on the mesa. A lot of stuff went straight into the book, such as going to Ladakh or Ulruru or San Francisco sex clubs.


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