March 05, 2005

Library Cards

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I finally paid my University of Washington Alumni membership fee. I've been expired for a year. The main reason to do this is that Alumni get a library card to the University of Washington library system. While I can't borrow as many books as a student, I have full access to their library. This is good for me personally as well as, potentially, for my research for my degree work.

I went there on Wednesday night, got a new library card, and picked up a few books:

  • The Mithras Liturgy by Hans Dieter Betz. I've wanted a copy of this book forever but it costs more than $100 and I'm not going to pay that much. It has a copy of the Greek text of the Mithras Liturgy from the Paris Codex of the Greek Magical Papyri, Betz's translation (which is the most recent and best done) and extensive notes on the meaning and references of particular phrases or words in it, along with a conversation about the origins and placement of this text.
  • Nine Ways of Bon by David Snellgrove. This is one of the few details texts on the Bon religion of Tibet and its practices. Given that Dzogchen exists as a Nyingma Buddhist tradition and a Bonpo tradition (probably originating there), I'm quite interested in Bon. I also plan on continuing to connect with the Bon teachers that I come across. This book is long long out of print and can only be had for $400+ from collectors. I knew that the UW Library had a copy and this was the primary reason I went there the other night.
  • Yoga and the Jesus Prayer Tradition by Thomas Matus. This was a book recommended to me many years ago by John Michael Greer. It is a cross cultural look at Yogic practices and relating them to the Heart Centering prayer tradition in the West. The author is a Christian monk. Flipping through it, it seems pretty interesting.
  • Kurukullakalpah. This is a grimoire of Kurukulla practices in both Sanskrit and Tibetan (neither of which I read). The book only came out in 500 copies and I know people that have been trying to translate some of this material. I figured that I would photocopy it for possible future purposes since it is available to me and fairly rare.

I turned in my second Philosophy paper on Thursday. I have two weeks until me seven or eight page second History paper is due. After this, I have two more short Philosophy papers and one longer History paper which will be an evaluation of a history book chosen by me. The criteria for this book is that it has to be written by an actual historian on an event or theme predating 1973. I found a copy of Under the Molehill: An Elizabethan Spy Story by John Bossy, the author of Giordano Bruno and the Embassy Affair. This is a book about spying in Elizabethan England at the French Embassy. It seems fairly interesting and the author is a PhD historian. It also seems to be a fairly simple read about a focused subject matter, which will make my life easier.

Today, R and I slept in late (which was nice), went out to breakfast together and got our taxes done. I plan to spend the rest of the day relaxing, reading and maybe playing a game or two or watching a movie. Something lowkey.


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