March 19, 2005

Om Tare Tutare Svaha!

Posted at March 19, 2005 11:26 PM in Spirituality .

R and I went over to the Forest Yurt last night for Tara Puja. This is the first meeting of the unnamed, ad-hoc circle of practitioners that Denny and Sophia spoke with us about forming. It was pretty low key and we got to hang out a bit before and after ritual. For the ritual itself, we did a sadhana for the 21 Taras.

Here is one of them. Om Tare Tutare Svaha!

Noble Lady Tara Jigjed Chenmo

Homage, Mother, worshipped by Indra, Agni, Brahma,
By Marut and different mighty ones.
Honored by the hosts of spirits, of yakshas,
Of gandharvas and the walking dead


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